Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

Do you have any of these problems on your property or home?

  • Wallpaper peeling?
  • Condensation?
  • Mould?
  • Damp Walls?
  • Got Cavity Wall Insulation?

Call or fill out form today to see if you can claim compensation, no obligation, 100% no win no fee. Cold, damp house getting you down? At a loss of how your house has become damp? Worried about what your heating costs will be? Was your wall insulation fitted correctly? CALL NOW or fill in the contact form so we can discuss the damp problems in your house and arrange a FREE PROPERTY INSPECTION. If after our visit we can confirm that it is the Cavity Wall insulation that is causing the problems, we have a panel of solicitors working hard for our clients on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. They win compensation sufficient to have the damages repaired and put your home back into the warm, dry condition that you would want.

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    Making Your Claim

    The number of homes that has Cavity Wall insulation is in the millions; the government’s pressure to meet carbon targets meant the incentives paid to installation companies to get it to the consumer led to the ‘door steppers’, door to door canvassers pushing the low cost (free to some) sale of Cavity Wall insulation. The problem when incentives are flashed about, it invited sales to people or homes that shouldn’t have had Cavity Wall insulation, especially areas in the West or Southern coastal regions and even inland where wind-driven rain hurtles against your brickwork or the brickwork/pointing wasn’t in good order – these installs shouldn’t have gone ahead.

    If your home is…

      • Brick built – Stone built
      • Is pebble dashed, rendered or plain brick

    And you have damp or mould patches, damaged plaster or peeling wallpaper and you have cavity wall insulation fitted, this could be the problem and could lead to significant damage. If your home is…

      • Timber framed
      • Steel framed
      • Concrete construction
      • Or a mixture of concrete and timber (Crosswall construction) Insulation should NOT have been installed; your home is at risk of severe damage and has already lost value

    If your home was built after 1985, it could have a type of insulation called 2L2. Sheets of foil backed bubble wrap, attached to the inside of the cavity. If additional cavity wall insulation has also been pumped into the property, there is a chance that the original insulation will have been compromised and has the potential to cause significant losses. If your home has been affected following the installation of Cavity Wall insulation, do not delay, strike whilst the iron is hot and get in touch.


    If you have had Cavity Wall insulation fitted and now have visible signs of damp, perhaps tide marks, walls cold and wet to touch, maybe wallpaper peeling or mould can be seen. There is a strong chance that the insulation is the cause of this problem. Complete the claim form or call us to discuss it further and to make an appointment for our free assessment visit, we will know then if there is potential to claim. IF YOU DON’T HAVE CAVITY WALL INSULATION FITTED, BUT STILL HAVE DAMP AND CONDENSATION ISSUES WE CAN STILL HELP.