Home Improvements with Imminent Energy

Here at Imminent Energy  we have a wide array of home improvements that will not only make your house look great but will improve its energy rating making it cheaper to run – we all struggle from time ti time with bills bills bills so let us help you find ways to cut these problems by smashing your energy costs down to a minimum – How?…by installing some of the products that we have on this website and you will get help funding these with our Green Grants.

Our team will assist you in applying for green discounts and other such ways to help pay for these improvements.

Windows & Doors

Energy Efficient windows and doors that will not only make your home look great but will save you ££££ on your home heating bills. Why have lots of insulation or a great boiler when all the heat leaks out the windows. Let us access a range of grants or our green discount to give you the most competitive deal by far. Pay monthly so you don’t have to part with one big sum of money! Our installers have been fitting windows in your area for over 20 years and have the best reputation around. Our non – pushy representatives will
guide you through the best options for you. We will visit your home and let you decide what is right for you. No obligation of course