How can I upgrade my electric storage heaters?

If you cannot install a whole new central heating system, then you could install new heaters with better heat retention and improved controls. New storage heaters can be quite pricey, but can be cheaper to install than central heating, and you don’t have to replace them all at once. The storage heaters can be offered under a grant and will help you to reduce your energy bills significantly. They use a lot less electricity than older heaters and will heat the home quicker.

Fan-assisted storage heaters

Modern slim line fan-assisted storage heaters are better insulated, so are more able to store heat – that can be used when you need it, rather than leaking heat constantly throughout the day. Their heat output is more controllable, so you can heat a room up faster or keep it cool if you’re not using it.

High heat retention storage heaters

These are storage heaters that are able to retain more heat than other models. This means that less heat is wasted throughout the day and more heat should be available when it is needed, for example in the evening.

These storage heaters will come with Celect-type controls.

Automatic Charge Controls

Modern controls on storage heaters allow you to set a thermostat so that the heater switches off when it has reached a certain temperature. A heater with automatic charge controls will automatically control how much heat it stores overnight, depending on the heater’s internal thermostat as well as changes in daily weather patterns.

Celect-type Controls

A system with Celect-type controller will monitor heaters in all rooms and automatically control how much heat is stored or released in different rooms.

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