Amazing Savings With ECO Heating and Insulation Grants

ECO heating and insulation grants that are for low income families or those that are disabled or retired. Your boiler has to be around 9-10 years of age or more. Some of the benefits you must be claiming include pension credits, child tax credits, ESA with a support group or a work related activity.

Look at the main points for our ECO Heating and Insulation Grant

HHCRO or Home Heating Carbon Reduction Obligation is the grant that we access for our clients. This grant is part of the ECO scheme or Energy Company Obligation whereby the government has instructed the Big 6 Energy companies to give back to the community due to rising fuel prices!!

These rising fuel prices affect our quality of life as those families that already find it hard to pay their gas and electric bills will struggle even more!!….THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN TO HELP!!!

TO Qualify you will need the following…

Child tax credits (families can earn up to £36,000 depending on how many adults and children living at the property)
Pension Credit for the elderly
ESA with extra money because you in a support group / work related activity / disability income guarantee.

As you can see its for lower income families with tax credits, pensioners that find it hard to pay the bills or those who can’t work as they have an injury or are too disabled.
Your Heating and Insulation must be over 5 years old and not been claimed under a grant before so we will need the make and model or it has to be roughly over ten years old or more.

Call 0800 699 0771 (from a landline)
Call 07476 260090 (from a mobile)

A brand new Heating and Insulation for a fraction of the cost.
Fitted within 2 weeks of your application being successful.
1. Send us a message with your interest containing your phone number and full address including postcode.

2. We will call you to pre – qualify your status to see if you have the right benefits and a boiler that can be changed. (please have the benefits you claim and the make and model of the boiler to hand-write the make down or be prepared to go to to the boiler so that we can make a note of it)

3. Pending you qualify we will send a surveyor out to so the energy survey explained above. This will include photos of the Heating and Insulation and other parts of the house including the loft and radiators, etc.

4. We will then run this report and put you in touch with our local boiler installer in your area. All Gas Safe registered and very reputable. This work is subcontracted.

5. Enjoy your new boiler and maybe you wont miss that dreaded boiler tank that takes a long time to heat up and costs you a fortune!!! Get a new combi boiler fitted within 2 – 3 weeks !!!

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