Grants & Finance with REDUCE MY ENERGY BILLS

Green Grants, low cost monthly finance through Green Deal or just a Green Incentive discount – we have it all here! There are various routes to helping you pay for installations of energy saving products listed all over this website that will reduce the amount you have to pay towards upgrading your home for the future! So, let Green Energy Grants and it’s professional partner installers that are all fully registered and qualified help you gain access to funding that will be of great value.

Amazing Savings With ECO Boiler Grants

ECO Boiler grants that are for low income families or those that are disabled or retired. Your boiler has to be around 9-10 years of age or more. Some of the benefits you must be claiming include pension credits, child tax credits, ESA with a support group or a work related activity.

Free Solar Panels For Your Home

  • Immediate savings on your electricity bill
  • No loans, no repayments, no ‘ green deal plans’
  • The system is fully maintained for 20 years by our installers
  • Raise the value of your property
  • Fully electronic management tool – no paperwork

Wall Insulation Grant

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Free Boiler Finance

A Rated energy saving boilers that burn less gas and again save you ££££ on your energy bills. We install only the best Worcester boilers and our experienced professional gas engineers do a cracking job. Our Worcester boilers come with a 10 year, yes 10 year, warranty for parts and labour. So, that boiler insurance you may have can be cancelled saving you around £150 – £300 a year!! We offer a green energy grant or apply our green discount to get you the best possible deal anywhere in the UK. So get a boiler on 0%
interest payable monthly so you don’t have to spoil the bank account balance!