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Welcome to Reduce My Energy Bills.com. One of the UK’S leading websites for boiler grants, solar, external wall insulation grants, windows with a green discount applied, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, energy switching and much more!! In this website you will find a wide array of energy saving products. We have successfully helped thousands of UK residents over the last 7 years. Simply read what product or grant interests you and send us an enquiry or phone us on 0800 699 0771 or 07476 260090.

You may have seen many energy efficiency improvements being installed on your neighbors’ house and wondered if you could access such grants. Well the answer is ‘yes’. We will help you access this funding and guide you through from start to finish. This is the service that we offer. A one stop shop for energy grants and our green incentive discount that that will turn your home into a much better place to live in making it more affordable to run and improving the look all round.

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Eco Boiler Grants

Get a FREE Boiler subject to survey

Eco boiler grants are available to people on certain qualifying benefits or NOT on any benefits but live in a particular Local Authority - phone us for more info.

You must be claiming specific benefits and the boiler has to be roughly over ten years of age.

External Wall Insulation Grant

Save ££££'s on electric bills!

phone us for full funding details

What’s the catch? There isn’t one…you the client get cheap electricity and we the solar provider sell back the power that you don’t use to the grid – everyone benefits!

Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

High Quality at Competitive Rates

Best Quality That Will Last For Years To Come

Green Energy Discount & Various Grants is the Beast value for money anywhere on the market

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