Free Solar Panels For Your Home

  • Immediate savings on your electricity bill
  • No loans, no repayments, no ‘ green deal plans’
  • The system is fully maintained for 20 years by our installers
  • Raise the value of your property
  • Fully electronic management tool – no paperwork

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The solar panels are fitted free of charge – so what’s the catch?

Well, the solar panels produce electricity from the sun and that energy is used to power your home and it’s appliances. This power is sold to you the customer for a rate of 9.9p per kw/h instead of 15p a kw/h approximately what you will be paying at the moment in time with your current provider like EDF or British Gas. So effectively you will save roughly up to 50% on your bills !! Good right?!!

The power that is generated is also stored in a battery pack that is also fitted free of charge and this is stored for some night time usage. Solar power can’t be stored unless you have a battery pack to do so this is very handy for the winter months!!

Almost all mortgage providers allow the panels to be fitted and the solar company does NOT own your roof.

The Solar PV system is fully installed, warranted and maintained for 20 years free of charge. If you use more power than the panels produce in one day then you will simply have a small bill from your current provider who will provide you with the electricity that you need if this happens.

Eligibility Criteria…

  • You must have a roof that is S, SW or SE facing to qualify
  • You must be the homeowner or Landlord to apply
  • You DON’T need to be on benefits.

Just to recap…

  • Free panels, free install and free battery pack to use power stored at night
  • Full maintained for 20 years
  • This is NOT a own your roof scheme
  • Reduced electricity rate saving you up to 50% on your bills!

Get in touch today and fill out the simple questionnaire below and someone will be in touch. With this information provided, we will conduct a quick survey and see if your roof is and property is suitable for the grant.

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